Jalada Africa publishes a new literary and arts journal twice a year. Open calls for submissions run for specific periods. Outside the Spotlight and Translation series, we only publish work based on specified anthology themes. Find our current call-out below:


Figure #90 from the series
“Quickly but carefully cross to the other side.” Photo collage 63.5×64.5cm 2020
Artist: Ibrahim A. Ahmed

The Nostalgia Issue is an exploration of memory; tradition and modernity, the tactile and the intangible, legacy and erasure, stagnation and evolution, the possible and impossible.

1. Nostalgia online 
We welcome responses to the question of ​Nostalgia​ online as short poems, flash fiction and  musings presented as (or alongside) original GIFs, memes, photos and videos.    

Tag our handle ​Jalada Africa​ on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter and use #JaladaNostalgia to make sure we see it.   

Submission window opens ​June 1​st, 2020

2. Nostalgia anthology 
We seek to create an anthology of short fiction, poetry, essays, visual art, films and  interviews (audio, visual or written) on the subject of ​Nostalgia​.   

Submissions will be received between ​June 1​st​, 2020 ​and ​July 31​st​, 2020​.

Read the detailed theme call-out text in Kiswahili, Portuguese, French or English.