“Play Time” by Asif Khan

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Editor’s Note – Jalada 08: Bodies

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Editor’s Note – Jalada 08: Bodies

“Where are the scenes of our gathering now? And how do we gather? How do…

“a brief history” + “voices” by Hauwa Shaffii Nuhu

your body is yours until
you place a lover’s name on your tongue.
after, there’s a new religion. godless.

“The Shape-shifters” by Alison Ojany

He always did things like that, stating the obvious, pre-empting problems. Six-foot tall Peter, with his purple black skin and pale grey eyes, was my right-hand man, bodyguard and driver.

“Vashti Refused to Dance” by Makena Onjerika

When a friend confessed that she too had done it, whispering over coffee in an overpriced Nairobi café, Illuminata felt she was joining a sisterhood.

Jalada 08: Bodies

» Editorial Note ・ » “A Woman’s Body Parts” by Sitawa Namwalie ・ » “Questions…

“A Good Safe Thing” by Kharys Ateh Laue

You spend the evening in the Champs smoking room, drinking wine and rolling cigarettes while you wait. The air is hot and acrid.

“Adam & Eve at the Tree of Masochism” by Jennifer Bradpiece

If I said Eve liked it, you might not believe me.

“Remembering” by Tumello Motabola

Since our bodies too were casualties of thought
we collected organs in bed with palms
learning how to play for the first time –

“My Funeral” by Lornah Afoyomungu Olum

As my lifeless body lay on that narrow bed in a congested local clinic, the irony that I had been a nurse in a government hospital was not lost on me.

“Releasing a Star” by Melissa Martini

I liked her skin better lilac, but she always got mad at me when I told her that. Some bullshit about being “conventionally attractive,” but I guess I just wasn’t into what everyone else was.

“Tisvin Keeps Screaming” by Filip Wiltgren

Humans are delicious. You can’t explain it to Tisvin, even though you have tried. How can you do away with such wonderful creatures?

“Lamentation” + “In Search of the Self” by Alain Jules Hirwa

I take off the world, piece by piece. The garments sewn by unknown tailors.

“Sunset Blues” by Wanini Kimemiah

Some things remained the same, I thought; bodies remained bodies even when they could be changed.

“I reach out for my epiphany as though I were a river boy rowing softly into the sunset” by Chisom Okafor

I know how softy too,
my body travels with this water,

“A Woman’s Body Parts” by Sitawa Namwalie

A woman must have the ability to reattach her body parts, every time they fall off.

“strange hungers” by Sofia Ezdina

Age fifteen. I am the ugly fat girl; tomboyish, to not be considered as such. I saw the Saturn Devouring His Son by Goya: it awoke something I could not yet recognize.

“Exorcist” by Busamoya Phodiso Modirwa

The man with the black suit comes mama told him I act like a boy
She says she will not mother abomination

“Binary” by Ugonna-Ora Owoh

i left too soon i was spine out of summer inside another man’s sweat-slick throat forgive me separate fragments

“Questions on How We Gather” by Ndinda Kioko

We gather in a friend’s living room. We gather in the most intimate of our spaces. We gather on email. We gather in Pangani.

“Dusty Angels” by Tope Adebola

Her skin crawled with invisible no-see-ums, and the only way to fight back the tears welling up in her throat, eyes, and ears was to c-l-e-a-n thoroughly.

“Hues of Perfection” by Frances Ogamba

My mother and I strolled on the opposite sides of the road and it was striking that we were in each other’s company, and yet cars swished in between us. It must have been one of my mother’s safety measures.

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