Bonus Edition, Jalada 04: The Language Issue


“Youth” Courtesy of Marziya Mohammedali


»“A Swahili love in 10 Fragments” by Idza Luhumyo ・ رسالة إلى جيني آن by Ali El Makk ・ “Nkem’s Nightmare” By Ukamaka Olisakwe ・ “Ukuta Bila Bango” na Moses Kilolo ・ “Devil at Night” by Mazhun Idris ・ “Farah Aideed Aenda Vita Vya Ghuba” na Mehul Gohil ・ “Abdel Qayyoum’s Retaliatory Campaign” by Adil Babikir ・ “Prof Okoth” by Oprah Oyugi ・ “On Autonomy and Networks: A Response to Ikhide R Ikheloa” by Robert Wood ・ “A letter to Jennie Anne” by Adil Babikir ・ የአብይ ውሎ Abiy’s Day by Linda Yohannes ・ “These languejs of ours” by Wanjeri Gakuru ・ “Farah Aideed Goes To Gulf War” by Mehul Gohil ・ «



»“Arabic as a Bridge to the Rest of Africa” by Richard Ali ・ “Changes” by Sabata-mpho Mokae ・ « La grande flotte tout autour l’île » Par Mamadou Diallo ・ “All in Your Honour” by Nyamu Kariuki ・ “Sketch of the Bana Nyonka in a Kamfai” by Mehul Gohil ・ “Lingua Franca: From Nigerian Pidgin to Naija Languej” by Eriata Oribhabor ・ حملة عبد القيوم الانتقامية by Bushra el-Fadil ・ “Mikosi ya Kumtongoza Mchawi” by Richard Oduor Oduku ・ “The Myth Of The Ethiope (Or Mustrema)” By Richard ALI ・ “Sermon on the Mount of Enugu” by Femi Morgan ・ “Ban-Kwana” by Ajise Vincent ・ “From Mboya to Dust; The Politics of Taking them Out and a Case for Luo Grandiloquence” by Frankline Sunday ・ “Case closed” by Funmi Gaji ・ «


“An Akefest Memoir or an Arm over Warm Buttocks” by Mehul Gohil

Olumu rock A

Olumu Rock, Phenomenally. Abeokuta, Nigeria. 2015. Courtesy Of Mehul Gohil And The Ake Arts And Book Festival


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