Jalada 06: Diaspora



Cover Illustration by Guled Abdulwasi


Introduction: DWF x Jalada: Diaspora 

»“We are the Children of Diaspora” by Anisa Nandaula  ·  Distant Relatives” by Anne Moraa ·  “Stranger Kin” by Aline-Mwezi Niyonsenga ·  “Your Tears Are Hands Trying Not To Shake” by Ahmed Yussuf · “Amani and Upendo” by Mwas Mahugu ·  “Familiarity of the Diaspora Gang” by Adut Wol · “Lines on the Soles of My Feet” by Marziya Mohammedali · “Continental Spaces” by Richard Ali «


Credits: Bonus Edition, Jalada 05: The Fear Issue

fear bonus cover


Editor: Wanjeri Gakuru

Fiction Editors: Abdul Adan, Zak Waweru

Poetry Editor: Richard Ali

Cover Art (Source Image): John Jennings, Get Out, Buck!, 2017. Digital Media.

Cover Design: Marziya Mohammedali.

First published in July 2018
ISSN 2413-0524

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