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“Fused Glass” by Kate Hampton

“Fused Glass” by Kate Hampton

Fused glass

Salvation lying                chest to chest                hip to hip
a girl with flaxen hair        he longs                      to smooth and twist
a boy whose curls              she longs                     to roll and twist
World melts away               boy and girl                  turn to lovers
melt                                                         into each other
like glass become art                                        under hot flame
jagged edges smooth                                          new colours made

Kate Hampton (@katechampton) is an editor at Kwani Trust and Jalada, and a writer of fiction, poetry and creative nonfiction. Her work has appeared, or is forthcoming, in The East African, The Chimurenga Chronic, ESC 5, Kwani? 07, Kwani? 08, Bakwa 6 and Jalada.

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