“Found: an Error in the System” by Serubiri Moses

Found: Error in the system_ Serubiri Moses

Go to the depot to fix
the following idealism,

Detected and named:
‘Error 42 – Re-emergence of memory.’

Environment forces are on alert.
STAY CALM. If acting like a bugged android,
we will dismember you.

Be warned of terrorist meetings,
and memory contamination.

We repeat: KEEP CALM.

As your contract stipulates, we own your memory.

Serubiri Moses (@serubirim) is an Independent writer and curator working in Kampala. His current research project ‘Life mu City’ is a critical intervention on urban language focussing on how an image of Kampala is formed through words. His writing can be found in Chimurenga Chronic, Kwani?, Saraba, Bakwa, Africa is a Country, C& – Contemporary And, Kulturausch, among others.