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“The Lonely Chord” by Gloria D. Gonsalves

“The Lonely Chord” by Gloria D. Gonsalves


I heard you pee and wondered
if weeping would be the same
when the boat harbouring our love
sunk deeper to the foreign waters
dwelled with bandits of breakup.

In your solo liquid performance
do you also mind-wandering to
me the audience of your orchestra
who knows each melodious chord
is a proof of a skilled pirate
who sends me back to loneliness?

You are the perfect conductor
of my miseries and worries
ebbed in the cracks of our theatre
while I wait to hear the door tunes
of leaving me for another, or
return to our boat of nothing.

Gloria D. Gonsalves is an author of children’s books and multi-published poet. Drawing inspiration from her love of poetry, she founded, an initiative aimed at instilling the love of writing poetry in children. You can find her online at

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