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“Minefields” and “Just the tip” by George Hunt

“Minefields” and “Just the tip” by George Hunt

“Minefields” by George Hunt

“Minefields” (2016) is a graphic representation of how our own minds through fear close us off to those around us.

6. Just the tip
“Just the tip” (2015) by George Hunt

“Just the tip” (2015) revolves around my fear for the younger generations to follow us as well as the fear I feel about bringing a young person into a world like this.

George Alexander Hunt is a multi-faceted international full time artist. Proficient in creating poetically flowing live artworks. That have attracted collectors’ from the Middle East and Asia. He demonstrates many extraordinary skills, with a multitude of mediums and, an understanding of asymmetric balance that leaves you feeling afloat, drifting through the many layers of his reality.

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