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Jalada collaborates with DWF

Jalada collaborates with DWF

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Jalada Africa is honoured to be partnering with Digital Writers’ Festival (DWF), an online writers’ festival (October 30th – November 3rd) dedicated to celebrating the work of writers from Australia and across the world, on a collaborative anthology.

Jalada 06: Diaspora is a meditation on confounding experiences of loss, scattering and (mis)recognition, and a testament to the possibilities for collaboration and communication that we are afforded as members of diaspora in the digital age.It shall feature Jalada writers:  Anne Moraa, Mwas Mahugu, Richard Ali and Marziya Mohammedali (Project Leader) and African writers based in Australia: Adut Wol, Ahmed Yussuf, Aline-Mwezi Niyonsenga, Inez Trambas, and Anisa Nandaula.

The issue launches on October 30th with cover art by Guled Abdulwasi and shall be accompanied by a podcast that focuses on Diasporic Publication in the Digital Age (November 1st) with former Managing Editor, Moses Kilolo and writers and editors, Ahmed Yussuf and Saaro Umar.

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