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Jalada 09: Vol 2: A Brief History of the Earth Museum and Other Tales

Jalada 09: Vol 2: A Brief History of the Earth Museum and Other Tales

» Editorial Note

» “Four Days with Luwa” by Joyce Nawiri ・» “Little Cabbages” by Charlie Muhumuza・» “The Car Ride” by Mercy Mkhana Simiyu ・» “a prayer for the damned” + “song of loss” + “song of memory” by Ajise Vincent ・» “Baldwin” by Andrew Aidoo ・» “Postcolonial Melancholia” by Harvey Dimond・» “EFUE (Ivy)” by Badmus Jubril ・» “April with Oyundi” by Alexander Ikawah ・» “This is the Spirit Who Birthed You” by M・» “She Begins to Speak” by Saddiq Dzukogi ・» “Revolution” by Gerishom Majanja・»

» “Notes on the Earth Museum” by Krishan Coupland・» “Wake-Keep” by Romeo Oriogun・» “The Colour of August” by Ras Mengesha ・» “What Could Have Been” by Aguajah Ajah・» “Mgeni” by Fatma Shafii Mohamed ・» “Ethan Memory” by Victoria Muthiani ・» “Finance Lessons From My Mother” by Carey Baraka ・» “Sinkhole” by Mohammed Shehu ・» “Tale of a Dead Soul” by Guna Moran ・»“Castles Built On Sand Held This Memory” by Ekpegbue Stanley ・» “Loneliness” + “Chairs” by Ebenezer Agu・»

» “Reflections” by Shitta Faruq Ademólá ・» “A Catalogue of Loss” by Gathoni Ireri ・» “Imperial Wane” + “Omen Amen” + “That Thirty Eight Was Never Made Forty Two” by MistyRose Bosworth ・» “Cast Me, Cast Me Not” by Stanley P. McD ・» “Saudade (v)” + “Pedra do Sal or, On love (xxxiii)” by Salimah Valiani ・» “A Dance with Fate” by Iwuagwu Ikechukwu ・» “Ada Bekee” by Ebele Mọgọ・» “The Well of Loneliness” by Daisy Odey ・» “pluming in bed” by Kris Van der Bijl・» “A poem that is not a poem” by Izang Alex-Marie ・»


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