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“As memory unwinds” by Osahon Oka

“As memory unwinds” by Osahon Oka

Of tender play     rough on wet salt 
stained skins     mud on shins – 
conquests of tree branches     small 
victories over bullies     fruits’ taste 
plucked ripe     flowing tributaries 
of drains     paper boats     & sky 
peopled with kites of newspapers 
èba & broomsticks – nothing is left. 

Memory is hungry as time unwinds 
picking crumbs     moulding dreams 
into reality     replicating – nothing 
is left     yet the dung of living. 

Osahon Oka is a Nigerian writer/poet, who journeyed into writing in his search for truth and light. While his writing no longer serves as therapy, he finds in it, an understanding of life, whether human or wind. He enjoys reading, writing, listening, watching clouds and being by himself. His works can be found in several literary journals and anthologies. He has his debut, a collection of short stories forthcoming on Praxis Books.

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