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“Revolution” by Gerishom Majanja

“Revolution” by Gerishom Majanja

You once was a civil servant
Working hard, musing about when you would happily retire.
But now are prematurely retired and sit home surrounded by bang smoking,
Drug addicted, mature unmarried for sons and daughters.
All relying on you for sustenance on the wee pension that never arrives,
But even, and only when, you have parted with a bribe.
What went wrong that you are reduced to such a mangled piece of humanity!

You are a mother, Bible read, and church wed
Childbirth fulfilled.
All schooled to the highest institution of learning
But are all with you, buzzing around you like bees
Atrophying to illiteracy
As they can find no job
Was this your dream?
What went wrong?
Who caused it?
Perhaps you did it!

Your dream has been derailed by impostors
Your dream has been shattered by your thoughtless
And cringing submission to fake superiors
And idle “mouthings” about abiding to the law and order
Thereby laying a peaceable groundwork for your swindlers.
A revolution is asocial and moral rebirth
It is reclaiming your dream once and for all
Arise, grab it now!

Gerishom Lujitio Majanja was born in 1947.  He has worked as a management consultant with international companies based in Kenya in the past but is now retired and lives in his rural home near Kakamega town. With all grown children having left the nest, Gerishom practices peasant farming. While in high school he was highly fascinated with English Literature and acted in several English plays including “Julius Caesar” as Brutus. Poetry has always fascinated him. 

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