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“Dopaquel” by Efemia Chela

“Dopaquel” by Efemia Chela


I am a wild animal.
Running amok my life.
Tranquilise me in the heart
Use the round yellow pills
Not the dart.
Let me sleep now
Leave me dead.
Do not worry I am a wild animal;
I will ravage tomorrow.
I will ravage all my tomorrows.
Je suis une bête sauvage.
Courant et faisant rage de ma vie.
Tranquilise-moi au coeur
Donne-moi les somnifères,
jaunes et ronds
au lieu de la fléchette.
Laisse-moi dormir
Laisse-moi mort.
N’inquiètes pas, je suis une bête sauvage;
Je ravagerai demain.
Je ravagerai tous mes demains.


Efemia Chela was born in Zambia in 1991, but grew up in England, Ghana, Botswana and South Africa. She studied Rhodes University, South Africa and at Institut D’Etudes Politiques in Aix-En-Provence, France. When she grows up she would like to be a better writer and graphic novelist. She enjoys eating pizza, playing croquet and watching black and white films. Her first published story, ‘Chicken’ was nominated for The 2014 Caine Prize For African Writing. She continues to write and publish stories whenever she can find a working pen.

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