“A Letter to Jennie Anne” رسالة إلى جيني آن by Ali El Makk


A letter to Jennie Anne (Arabic original)

A letter to Jennie Anne (Arabic original)(1)

A letter to Jennie Anne (Arabic original)(2)

A letter to Jennie Anne (Arabic original)(3)

Read the English Translation by ADIL BABIKIR.

Ali el-Makk (1937-1992) is a highly acclaimed short story writer and literary critic in Sudan. He published several short story collections, including The Petite Bourgeois, In the Village, The Moon Sitting in his Courtyard, Ascending to the City Bottom, among others. Besides, he published several books of literatury criticism and translated samples from the Black American Literature.

ADIL BABIKIR is a Sudanese translator and copywriter based in the UAE. His translations include Mansi: a Rare Man in his Own Way, by Tayeb Salih; The Jungo: Stakes of the Earth, by Abdel Aziz Baraka Sakin (AFRICA WORLD PRESS); The Messiah of Darfur, a novel by Abdel Aziz Baraka Sakin (under publication); as well as two anthologies of poetry and short stories. Excerpts of his translation of the The Messiah of Darfur were published in The Los Angeles Review of Books Quarterly Journal, Winter 2015.