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“The Doctor” by Maryam Aliko Mohammed

“The Doctor” by Maryam Aliko Mohammed


I never….

I never thought that he would betray me this way.

I, his favourite, the educated one, the one that understood him the most.

She is a medical doctor, he says. But I am sure her certificate is fake from ABU Jos. He says she understands him more now that he is grown; grown old ba? And she is able to help with his diabetes, mchew!


He has told me not to worry, and assured me she will not get much from the deal; he is unable to exercise his conjugal rights. “It’s the diabetes you see. She is only here to help with the diabetes,” he assured me.

Imagine my shock when we were fighting and I grabbed her hijab, which was when I felt her rounded and very pregnant belly.

“Likita” da Bebiya ta fassara

Ban taba….

Ban taba tsammanin zai ci amana na ba haka.

Ni, yar gaban goshin sa, mai ilimin cikin su, ni wacce na fi kowa fahimtar halin sa.

“Ita likita ce,” ya ce. Amma na tabbata sakamakon takaddun ta na karatun likita, daga Jami’ar Jos,na bogi ne. Ya ce yanzu ta kara fahimtar sa sosai da girma ya zo; da ya tsufa ba? Sannan za ta iya taimaka ma na da ciwon sugan sa ba, mceww!

Lallai ma!

Ya fada min cewa kada na damu, kuma ya tabbatar min cewa ba wani abin kirki za ta amfana da shi ba; ba zai iya biya mata bukatar ta ba.” Ciwon sugan nan ne ai. Ta zo ne don ta taimaka da ciwon sugan,” ya tabbatar min.

Kin ji mamakin da na ji sanda mu ke fada, na ja hijabin ta, lokacin ne na ji girman kunburin cikin ta kaman mai tsohon ciki.

Author Bio:

Maryam Aliko Mohammed is insanely curious and has opinions to share. Her writing is insomnia-induced: when the voices in her head reward her with moments of insight. She holds that life comes down to who you love and who loves you back, and her conviction is that she is at the centre of defining these.


Bebiya is a proud mother of four and a Jigawian to the core. She is passionate about educating young minds and unexpectedly found herself in an environment that revealed her inner strength. She leads and teaches a group of exceptional teachers nurturing the spirit and intellect of children. She appreciates good gardening and landscaping, enjoys volunteer work and loves to read motivational self help books. She also likes to write pieces about making sense of this confused world of ours. She is in love with love itself and believes the epitome of love is that between man and the creator. She will want to be remembered as one who touched the lives of many others for the better.

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