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Jalada Translation Issue 02: Wọlé Ṣóyínká

Jalada Translation Issue 02: Wọlé Ṣóyínká


Original poem in English by Prof. Wọlé Ṣóyínká


Available in 48 Languages

» ・“Yorùbá” by Kọ́lá Túbọ̀sún ・“Kiswahili” by Hassan Kassim Hassan
“Persian” by Babak Mazloumi ・“Shetlandic” by Christine De Luca ・ “Igbo” by Nzube Ifechukwu ・“IsiZulu” by Mamodiehi Gwala ・“Ekegusii” by Jane Obuchi ・“French” by Sem Beasnael ・“Lubukusu” by Alexander Opicho ・“Arabic” by Ala Younis ・“Marakwet” by Paul Kipchumba ・

A reading of the poem in Runyankore by Jedidiah Mugarura

» ・“Bahasa Indonesian” by Ronny Agustinus ・“Shona” by Tanaka Chidora・ “Nepali” by Jui Shrestha・“Rukiga” by Clare Kyasiimire・“Fulfulde” by Surajo Ibrahim Muhammad・”Korean” by Serk-Bae Suh ・“Gĩkũyũ” by Njeri Wangari・“Sesotho” by Nomakhosi Adontsi・

A reading of the poem in Belize Kriol by Ubaldimir Guerra 

» ・“Acholi” by Janet Abaneka Akao ・・“Ghomala” by Nelson Kamkuimo・“Portuguese” by Owen-Ben Singano Uachave・“Brazilian Portuguese” by Nicole Louie ・“Sheng” by Mwangi wa Mahugu ・“Argentinian Spanish” by Ellen Singer & Andrea Morete de Bullrich ・

A reading of the poem in German by Andreas Sabin

» ・“Luo” by Omusula W. Omuholo・“Afrikaans” by Adenike Fapohunda・“Rutooro/Runyoro” by Hope Mavis Masika ・“Tiv” by Su’eddie V. Agema ・“Naija Languej” by Eriata Oribhabor・“Romanian” by Diana Manole・“Catalan” by Mariona Miret ・

A reading of the poem in Ghomala by Nelson Kamkuimo

» ・“Hausa” by Mazhun Idris・“Sepedi” by Mathabo Masilela・
“Runyankore” by Jedidiah Mugarura・“Dutch” by Jolanda Dubbeldam・“Turkish” by Özden Arıkan・“Russian” by Vita Shtivelman・“Dagaare” by Mark Ali, Adams Bodomo & Faustina Tantie ・“Swedish” by Ellinor Forje・

A reading of the poem in Fulfulde by Surajo Muhammad

» ・“Embu” by Doreen Nyaga・“Igala” by Michael Àchílẹ Umàmẹh
“Polish” by Dorota Zarzycka & Marta Bartnicka ・ “Croatian” by Lawrence Kiiru
“Belize Kriol” by Ivory Kelly ・“Akan” by Jeffery Atuobi
“German” by Barbara Wiebking・“Esperanto” by Riccio Antonio ・

A reading of the poem in Russian by Ilja Zmiejew


We encourage writers and translators who do not find their languages featured in this issue and who would like to volunteer to contribute a translation of this poem and to future Translation Issues to get in touch with us via Bonus submissions of translations will be published on a rolling basis.

“Mandela Comes to Leah” is the original work of Prof. Wọlé Ṣóyínká and is protected by copyright. No part of the poem in English (or in translation) may be reproduced, reprinted, or reposted elsewhere without the prior permission in writing of Jalada Africa. For enquiries concerning reproduction or submission, write to

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